You may be aware that we are one of the leading manufacturers of the finest quality of the Tube cleaning equipments such as MOTORIZED TUBE CLEANING EQUIPMENTS, FLEXIBLE SHAFTS, TOOL HEAD CUTTERS, TUBE CLEANING BRUSHES ETC., ETC., which we have extensively supplying the various Sugar Mills as well as various other categories of users.

Mechanical devices for tube cleaning jobs in Industries have become indispensable, while chemical cleaning of tubes has been introduced in certain Industries, even in countries technically more advanced then India, this method has not been found feasible to replace the use of mechanical devices, Electrically operated units are still the most widely used equipments in India Mechanical scaling is the only sure way of removing all the scale, it involves no risk of chemical corrosion and are very simple to use.

"SEMCO's FERROFLEX" Flexible Shaft drive machines are designed according to the need of customers, either direct coupled type or V-Belt drive for variable speeds. The power Unit (Motor) is fitted on 3 wheeled M.S. trolley for the easy transportation, with Push Button Starter having over load relays CTS Cable. Standard R.P.M. of our Machines are 2880, for longer shafts and where heavy and hard scale is encountered, we will recommend Drive Unit (Motor) of 1440 R.P.M.


SEMCO's FERROFLEX" Inner cores are manufactured from  spring steel wire of high tensile strength, double wounded, duly oil heat  treated, available in dia meter 10mm, 12mm, 15mm , 19mm.

FLEXIBLE SHAFTS - Outer casings

SEMCO's FERROFLEX"   Round type Outercasing  are made from heavy gauge Galvanized C.R.C.A strips and provided with best quality Flat  spring lining inside the full legnth of outer casing supplied in various lengths up to  25 Meters. (in one length).  The outer casing are having outer dia 22mm, 26mm, 32mm , 35mm.


"SEMCO's FERROFLEX" Spare hand piece fitted with a set of high speed journal ball bearings with continuous grease system suitable for above flexible shafts. Complete with outer casing adaptor, suitable for Straight and Bent Tubes.

All Spares of Flexible shafts are available


We offer wide range of “SEMCO's FERROFLEX” the finest and durable quality of industrial series of Wire Brushes manufactures from best quality hardned and tempered spring steel wire, such as boiler tubes brushes, Cup Shape Brushes, Turk head Brushes, Condenser Tube Brushes, foundry wire brushes, self expanding brushes, wooden metal cleaning brushes, painting brushes etc., etc.,


These are made in various shape and designs from the best and proven quality raw material properly hardened and tempered by automatic heat treatment system for longer life ‘SEMCO's FERROFLEX” Tool heads are supplied in wide range of sizes 30mm to 125mm

All spares of tool head cutters are available


Besides the above we are also manufacturing all type of Tension and Compression springs, Spray Nozzles for centrifugal machines and O C Filters, Zig Zag Strips, Cane Cutting & Harvesting Knives, and other Sugar Mills parts as per specific requirements.

Kindly note our products are of a high quality manufactured by a precise technique under the watchful supervision of our competent technical staff.

Giving satisfactory services of the customer is the main responsibility of the manufacturer and keeping in view this aim we are introducing our equipments and accessories, not to compete with any other manufacturer of supplier, but to put into make a Quality product at competitive and reasonable Price.

While every effort will be made on our part to technically upgrade the material with the changing need of the Industries, any valuable advises from the users of further modification of these items will of course be highly appreciated.

We therefore, request you to kindly make a careful note of all the items in your Purchase file so that whenever you are in the market, We may receive your esteemed inquiries and valuable orders.

“The Friendship of those we Serve is the Foundation of Our Progress”