Flexible Shafts
Tube Descaling Equipments
DET Toolheads
DBT toolheads
Boring Toolheads
Drill Head Type
Turkhead Brushes

Heavy Duty Hand Piece

Plain End Type Bearings
Double Spiral Brushes Manual cleaning/used with flexible shafts.
Condensor Brushes
Sugar Bag Carrying Trolley

Filter or CF Machine Spray Nozzles


1. 12mm dia innercore x 27mm o/d outercasing
2. 15/16mm dia innercore x 32mm o/d outercasing
3. 18/19mm dia innercore x 36mm o/d outercasing
     Also avoilable Spare Inner core and Outer Casing.

SEMCO’s FERROFLEX Units are produced
with heavy duty trolley fitted with the standard motors & Starters .
Available in 3 hp, 5 hp & 7.5 hp Motor.

The spring loaded toolhead, known for its long life in removing scales from evaporator and juice heater tubes , sizes available 35.6mm to 48.5mm.

DBT Toolheads are available in single, double or triple rows of cutters for use in process pipes,boiler tubes and thicker scale in juice heater and vacuum pan tubes, sizes available 35.6mm to 4”.

Designed for use in partially blocked and hard scale within evaporator, Juice heaters & boiler tubes.

Designed in 4 flutes according to sizes. Used as a boring drill on hard formations.

For the removal of light scale in straight tubes. Sizes available from 35.6mm to 10” i/d tubes.

For the removal of light scale in straight Condenser Tubes tubes. Sizes available from ¼” [06mm] to 1” [25.4mm] available from Spring Steel Wire, Brass wire & Nylon Bristle.

Used for boilers, evaporators, juice heaters and vacuum pans to remove medium to heavy scale. Size is avaiiable from 30mm to 110mm.
Sugar Bag Carrying trolley heavy duty made from 35MM X05 M. S. Angle and Flat, fitted with 10” x 2” x 1” bore polymer wheels, complete in all respects.

All type of Tensiom & Compresssion Spring as per specification.